Wednesday, February 4, 2009

If You Are Not Grateful, Then You Are A Great Fool!

I was speaking at a mentoring conference and a young man raised his hand to ask question. He was given an opportunity and the question centered on the fact that his mentor does not like him, that he keep back information from him and all that.

After probing a little, I discovered that he was not doing something that is vital to mentoring relationship - Thankfulness. Many don't see the reason to be thankful to their mentors, after all, they paid to join his mentoring programme. Well, it may be true that you paid, but thankfulness is a habit that every man should ordinarily develop.

When your mentor gives you a piece of information and it worked well for you and probably raked in some hundreds or thousand of Dollars. Courtesy demands that you go back and say thanks to him.

Having associated with so many mentors, I have come to a conclusion that great mentors don't give out information 'totally'. Please understand the context under which the word totally is used here. It has nothing to do with keeping back or punishment. It is just their way of testing obedience, and not wanting to overwhelm the mentoree with too much at a time.

When you report back on the last information and say thanks, you have access to the next and the next and the next. Sometimes, he gives you bonuses.

Appreciation in mentoring relationship has nothing to do with bribe. Absolutely nothing! It is a way of saying you are grateful to the mentor for his time and information, especially when it has worked well for you.

Appreciation can take any of the following forms:







When a mentor gives you information and he notices, that you are the grateful type, you hear something like this: "sorry James, I forgot to also tell you that ..." "I forgot to include this e-book in the pack I sent to you, here it is"

In actual fact, he didn't forget, the new information or material was simply a reward of your appreciation.

So go on this week keep appreciating people. Especially those who are contributing to your success in life and business. Remember the saying that 'if you are not grateful, you are a great fool'.

To your success.


Monday, January 19, 2009


Most newbies in online marketing get themselves mentors with the aim of succeeding in their respective businesses. However, experience have shown that not all mentees eventually make it. The blame most of the time goes to the mentor. You hear things like, 'he is also oe of them' 'I have been cheated again' and so on.

Even when you have an online business mentor, you can only succeed if:

1. You Deal Honestly With Your Mentor: In the last article, I talked about the qualities of the mentor. The student, i.e the mentee, also must possess some qualities. Top among them is Honesty. Your mentor may need to ask you questions, if your answers are not correct, you certainly may not get the best from him. Take a case of a doctor and his patient. If the problem of the patient is in the head and he talking about the back, the doctor will prescribe back relating drugs and that will be disastrous. So be honest!

2. Do Your Assignments: Good mentors always give assignments to their students. the more dedicated you are to these assignment, the better for you.

3. Take Action: This is one of the most crucial point in mentoring relationship. many students continue to collect information from several mentors without putting any to use. No matter how experienced your mentor may be, if you fail to take action towards what he is teaching you, you can not make money on line. Action is the key word in mentoring.

4. Be Inquisitive: Online mentoring relationship is best because you do not see the man teaching you. As such you can not give excuse of shyness. You therefore must develop high level of inquisitiveness. By that I mean ask questions. anything is not clear be free to ask. Some of the mentoring relationship requires you to pay some money before the training is commenced. It implies that you are basically wasting money if you don't understand a thing and you fail to ask.

5. Report Your Progress and Celebrate Your Achievement: If your mentor is updated about how you are making progress (even though it is his work to monitor that), he gets encourage and gives you more time. You may even be surprise how he will so promote you that your business get overnight boom.

6. Appreciate Your Mentor: One good way of doing this is to mention him to friends. Another is to write a testimonial for him and another is to provide him information on how he can improve his mentoring business through honest evaluation.