Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Someone said no one is born a giant, we are all born dwarfs, but when one dwarf stand on the shoulder of another, he becomes a giant in the eye of the world.

A mentor is a one time dwarf, who has got the shoulder of a reliable dwarf to stand tall and become a giant and is ready to take any willing person along with him. In other words, he is ready to stoop low for any willing dwarf to climb on him to attain success.

The process of looking for a mentor or coach in life and business falls under the following categories:

You Must Know What You Want in Life: This is what many people call vision. If what you want is money, your coach must be someone who is already "living" in money. If it is wife, he or she must be an expert in relationship. If you don't know what you want in life, you will spend your entire life pursuing other people's plans and programme. So what do you want? Money, partner, good health, job, children, peace, God or what? WRITE IT DOWN!

You must set a target of Time You Want That Thing Realized: How fast do you want it? A year, Two years, Five years or a month? If your goal has no time, then it is not achievable.

You Must Have A Compelling 'WHY' For That Thing: If anybody ask you why do you need that thing, you must have a convincing reason to give. Many are out looking for things but they don't have reason why they need what they need. The compelling reason you have is the only motivating factor for you when the going becomes difficult. It is also the motivation you have to make sacrifice.

You Must Go Out To Look for A Mentor? The next thing is to go out to look for a mentor in your desire field. There are hundred of thousands of people claiming to be expert in mentoring, but you mus be able to test and examine the record of the person you want to choose. In the next article I will give you 10 things that a good mentor must have.

To you success.